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Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs

So you have decided to buy your first wig, and the question is human hair or synthetic.

There are advantages to both and this all depends on your lifestyle and budget

Pros of Human Hair Wigs

1. Human hair has longevity and can last up to a year of daily wear with proper maintenance

2. Human hair is versatile you can change your style easily to suit you.

3. Looks more natural, it is the real thing after all

4. Tend to tangle less especially for longer styles

Cons of Human Hair Wigs

1. Human Hair needs to be washed and deep conditioned more regularly than synthetic hair, it also needs to be styled making it more high maintenance.

2. Colour fades on Human hair

3. Rain and Humidity will affect your style just like it would you own biological hair

4. Can be costly because its high in demand

Pros of Synthetic wigs

1. Cheaper than human hair in most cases depending on cap construction

2. Vibrant colour choices that do not fade over time

3. Easy to maintain, they need less washing and usually do not need any restyling, they have style memory.

4. Synthetic fibre has come a long way and now looks and feels really good

5. Is not affected by the weather.

Cons of Synthetic Wigs

1. Do not last as long as Human Hair wigs. Average wear is 4 to 6 months of daily wear before you need a new one. Shorter styles tend to last longer. This however means you might need to buy 2 or 3 synthetic wigs for every human hair wig with daily use.

2. Not usually have the choice to change the colour or style. You however can now get heat resistant synthetic that can be styled but even this can be difficult. So choose the right synthetic for your lifestyle

3. Can be shiny, this will fade over time but can look unnatural.

Bottom line is buy the best quality wig for your budget and lifestyle. Lace fronts and monofilaments make wigs look more natural and will cost a bit more.

Synthetic wigs cost between £40 and £490 while Human hair costs from around £150 to £3000.

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