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Will my wig fall off ?

The question I am asked the most by first time wig wearers is, Will my wig fall off or blow away in the wind?

The answer to that question is, no it will not !!. Modern technology has ensured that with the right fit your wig is unlikely to come off easily.

However your wig has to fit right. If a wig is too big it will inevitably have too much space and will wear more like a hat than your own hair. If it's too small it will not only be very uncomfortable and could not only cause tension headaches but also easily slide off.

Most of our wigs can be sized up or down an inch or two. If you have hair under your wig, clips and combs can be used for extra security but these are not always necessary or advisable. It is not advisable to use combs and pins daily as they can cause tension on your biological hair.

Some wigs can be taped or glued down while some wigs can use a gel or suction if you do not have any hair.

So whether you choose a custom made wig or off the peg one most wig manufacturers and wig specialists should understand how your wig should stay on.

For any further questions about wigs just contact Hair Geeks in Corby and book your appointment for a free consultation.

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